Oh, Canada

Greg Wilson and the folks at the University of Toronto were nice enough to give me a plane ticket to come up to Canada for a week, to get started working on DrProject.

Toronto was an absolutely beautiful city; very different from Orlando.

  • You walk everywhere you want to go, and the weather is perfect for being outside.
  • Public transportation is available and reliable.
  • People don’t curse you for riding a bike, or try to run you over (but watch out in Montreal).
  • Lots of old, ornate Victorian buildings, and new, progressive buildings that are a pleasure to behold.
  • So many small shops, the choices for eating and shopping are astounding, with no Big Box stores to be found.
  • The people are wonderful. It’s a very diverse population, but everyone I met was amicable and friendly.

My partner for the Summer of Code, David Cooper, cut his Florida vacation short so that we could get started on our work together. He’s knows a lot more than me about Linux and web development, so I’m going to have to play catch up once we get into the web programming side of our project. David was nice enough to let me stay in his apartment along with his lovely girlfriend Kate, who wasn’t too happy that David invited me to stay without knowing anything about me (I could have been a serial killer).

I learned a lot in the short time I was there: how to run a meeting, use revision control (svn), work with elixir and SQLAlchemy, give a technical presentation, and most importantly, work on a team. I think that the biggest hurdle this summer is going to be the communication between David and I; by the end, we should both be fantastic at expressing our technical ideas (we’ve already had quite a few disconnects, but we’re getting better at being on the same page now).

I was really nervous about leaving the country for the first time, but I’m glad I did; it was a fantastic experience. Getting to meet everyone in person and work on the design with David face-to-face helped me to understand my colleagues much better, and I think it’s important to know the people you’re working with if you want to achieve effective collaboration. I hope that I’ll be able to fly up there again soon (nudge, Greg :)).


2 Responses to “Oh, Canada”

  1. David Cooper Says:

    Oh, Canada.

  2. Greg Bond Says:

    I think you’ll find the weather a little less perfect for being outside in the winter 🙂

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